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​Wilmington, Delaware born. Edward Loper, Jr. is a self taught artist whose own technique is what's described as "A way to see" has lead him to success over the past five decades.

A self taught artist who became a master.


Meet The Artist

A self taught artist, whose oil paintings come to life with his brilliant use of colors. Attending the Barnes Foundation in Merlon, PA. in the 1970's. His use of colors and visualization of "seeing the color's and connection" is an up most importance to his method. He was formerly the head of the Visual Arts department at Christina Cultural Arts Center and participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the region. His style acknowledges modernist traditions from the turn of the 20th century.

Behind The Canvas

See a collection of photographs capturing Edward Loper Jr. as he creates his beloved paintings.

 When this recently resurfaced we had to share with you!   From the  Wilmington Journal  they did an article on Edward in 1970. Can anyone guess the location? 

Not My Father

Read Edward Loper Jr’s creative odyssey, written by Marilyn A. Bauman.